Personal Development Plan

In my third year I aim to use the Focus Weeks to explore aspects of Landscape Architecture Design as well look at other design forms.

I aim to develop my skills in the areas I really enjoy. I have discovered a great interest in Model Making over the past few years and feel it is important to work on these skills. Model Making is useful in a landscape context but can often in a way be overlooked. As the landscape is organic it can be difficult to depict it in model form, while a building tends to be easier.

An outside interest of mine is Philosophy, I am by no means an expert but I do like to try and incorporate a philosophical sensibility into my projects. I aim to marry a philosophical world view with a fiction idea I have for a London of the future. I will explore this idea through both model making, photography and graphic design.

Photography is an important skill in our study as we are required to document our project sites using this medium as well as to photography our models. I have worked with Kingston Photolab to produce some nice photographs in the past so I aim to develop these skills further.

Graphic Design is also essential to the study of Landscape Architecture. While we are not producing high quality logos and magazine spreads we are still communicating our ideas through a digital medium. Even when printing it is important to lay out our drawings, images and text in an attractive and well designed manner. Gone are the days of boring Arial headings and odd photographs. Graphic Design is something I very much enjoy and often it is the time when I feel most at ease during the design process. In this focus blog I will endeavour to create some fictional designs. This will involve exploring In Design, Photoshop and Illistrator.

The last area I will look at will be design knowledge. This is extremely important as it informs your own design work. I have noticed over the past few years how the more knowledge you have the more you are able to cross reference. Combining knowledge of other design areas helps you to keep up with design trends, compare history and link time periods. There is a great satisfaction in been able to name a period of design, identify not only a Landscape Architect of the time but the costume that was worn, style of furniture and even the Font used in publications. This knowlegde will be achieved through both reading and visiting exhibitions. I aim to vary my gallery attendance and choose random shows to really get the juices flowing!

The overall aim of this years blog is to become a random document of exploring an exciting design world. Random in terms of varying subject but overall coming together as an exploration of knowledge, model making, graphic design and photography.

I hope you as a reader enjoy my blog and all comments, good or bad are always welcome.



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